Carol Curry Reach has been a Fine Art Photographer for over 20 years. She was born in Mississippi and received her BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Photogrpahy from Rhodes College in Memphis. She began her photography journey by winning a photo contest in the fourth grade. In college, she documented the micro-moments of the Southern Lady as seen through sorority and pageant life. This body of work took her to graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute in California. From there she moved to Los Angeles to futher pursue social documentary moments of various types, mainly via weddings. She spent time honing her portrait skills, photographing weddings and children, while continuing various art studies along the way. Her fine art over the years has since transitioned from figurative into a more abstract style and an outlet for creating space in an otherwise full life as a wife and mother of three children.  No matter how busy, the art keeps pulling her.